Tuesday Tip…On Wednesday

So a few months ago my friend Lindsey let me in on a little blogging secret that I really had no idea about (and I call myself a blogger)!  So I thought I would share it with you all because it has opened up new friendships and actually helps me get answers to my questions.

1- For those of you with blogs, if someone posts a comment and they have their email address listed in their profile, you can just hit “reply” and answer their question, say thanks or otherwise engage in conversation.  How did I not know this????  I thought the only reason that people had their email address in their blog was so that people could contact them directly.  No clue.  But it is soooo much easier to respond to someone!

2- I also used to not have my own email address in my profile. I didn’t want the crazies contacting me.  (Which, by the way, has never happened…though, it might now that I have written this.) So I opened up a Hotmail account and just have it autoforwarded to my regular email.  That way I don’t have to check 80 email accounts, but can still screen out what I don’t want to get.  Pretty much genius.

3- So for those of you that don’t have your email in your profile, consider doing it!  You will interact more with your readers and then also get more responses to your questions from other bloggers.

4- To add your email, just go to the settings in blogger and put your new address in!

Now we can chat more often! :)

In other news…remember when I posted about Birchbox?

Well, I got an email on Saturday that my first box has shipped. I feel like a kid waiting for their pen pal to write…checking the mail, checking my tracking, checking my front door. (Is this what modern day pen pals would do…yeah, probably not. They would just facebook and text.  Remind me to tell you about my pen pals I used to have. Seriously.)

Anyway, my excitement level is over the top. I cannot wait to share!


  1. Great tip!!

    Oh, and by the way, I totally stalk the tracking of ALL packages...I just love getting things in the mail ;-) Can't wait to read about your Birch Box!!


  2. Thanks for the shout out! I wish everyone would set this up.

  3. I am really excited about your Birch Box!!

  4. Hi Katie! Thanks for connecting and glad you like the skins I designed for Skinit. Glad you entered my give away...there will be many more! Happy weekend! Caroline

  5. Katie,
    I've always wanted to do this but didn't know how. I will definitely go try to do it now. :)

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  7. I did not know that (about the "reply" function) -- awesome, I'm going to try it myself!


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