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I have had a nice weekend.  Don’t you love the ones where you can just catch up on everything?  My plan today is to make all of my meals for the week.  It is a little ambitious, so those recipes and photos may or may not show up on my blog later… (I am hoping if I put it out there I will have SOME accountability. Ha!)

So anyway, for my favorites this week, believe it or not, they are all mainly party related.  I actually have a surprise party I am throwing with Tommy’s family in the next few weeks and have done pretty much nothing but the invites. Go figure. 

Here is a sneak peek of what we are working on:


My father-in-law is celebrating his 10th anniversary of his heart transplant, so if you guys have any heart related ideas, please send them my way!  When I say we haven’t done much as far as décor, that would be an understatement.  It is hard to make a heart party manly and not look like a Valentine’s Party.  All ideas/links appreciated!

Moving on to what I loved online this week.  I Heart Naptime had a really cute feature on all things polka dot.  You know I love me some polka dots.  Like, LOVE.  I especially loved this cake from Ladies’ Home Journal.  It is just a regular iced cake with meringue cookies.  Now, I know you are thinking – “where can one get meringue cookies?”  Target and Reasors typically have them in the bakery section. I know this because I used to be OBSESSED with meringue cookies.  They are so light and airy.  This cake is totally doable!

Not party related at all, but this headline and photo on Fail Blog this week cracked me up.

Hiding Your Identity Fail:

I came across this DIY chalkboard on Celebrations at Home and thought it was super cute.  It used to be a mirror that she just painted with chalkboard spray paint.  (The full tutorial is on her blog.)  Maybe a project when it isn’t 110 degrees outside?


Each year Threadless (they make t-shirts that are submitted by people in their online community) has a contest where cake decorators are invited to make cakes that look like their t-shirts.  Bakerella is a judge and included some photos of the masterpieces on her site.  People are so talented and creative!

For example, here is a t-shirt design.

And here is the cake based on the shirt. 

View all of the 2010 shirts and cakes here

You know how typically a veggie tray is about as appealing as it looks when it comes from the grocery store?  (Is that  just because I am not a huge fan of raw veggies?)  I thought this idea of restyling the typical veggie tray was so visually appealing and creative. Photo from Eddie Ross via The Party Dress.

This week on Second City Soiree she had a great tutorial on how to throw a theme party that is cohesive from start to finish without going over the top.  And you know I love an owl theme.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


  1. What a great reason to celebrate! I can't wait to see how everything turns out.

  2. 10 year anniversary! So great! I thought back to your transplant story and got chills even just now! Crazy! I wish I had some good heart theme ideas, but sadly, I usually just take decor direction from some of my more creative friends and their blogs (like you!) :) I cant wait to see how it all turns out though!

  3. You could always cut out photos of his loved ones or old pics of him with you guys in the shapes of hearts and use them somehow.. like blow them up a little and then cut them out... That would be heart-themed but also take away some of the red/valentine feel... :)*shrugs* I dunno!


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