Zappos Rave

I have to say I am not often "wowed" by customer service. But, the hype about Zappos is true. They are fabulous. I have seen the CEO, Tony Hsieh, on my favorite program The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and read about him in Inc. (Yes, I know I am a huge nerd.) I found his story to be very good and inspiring but I have not had to see him "walk the talk," if you will. Now, I have ordered several items from Zappos (including shoes for my wedding) and have always been pleased with everything. But, I have never had to return anything.

Let's be honest, returns are always a hassle. You have to find the receipt, make sure you are in the return window of 30-90 days, hope you didn't buy a final clearance item that cannot be returned. All annoying. Also, all leading to me not purchasing items due to the fact that it may not work for me.

So, here is my story. My mom ordered Tommy some shoes last year for Christmas. Well, they have been sitting in the closet since then, as they were too narrow. Well, the holidays are rolling around again and I remember that Zappos has a 365 day return policy for unworn shoes. Well, these fit the bill as we still have 8 days left (they were ordered 12/7)!!! The more difficult part of this is that my mom ordered these on her credit card, not me AND Tommy wants to exchange them. So, I emailed Zappos and I got a personal, not canned response on what to do. Easy enough. All I had to do was call and give them my mom's phone # (have that) and they could pull up the order. They found the order with no problem, waived the five cent price difference (you guys know some companies would NEVER do that), upgraded me to next day shipping AND sent me a free mailing label to return the shoes that didn't work. It was so pleasant it really made my day. I was very interested to see if this was as hassle free as advertised. I give them an A+ in customer service.

So, this holiday, definitely check out Zappos for all of your clothing, shoe and accessory needs. Shipping is free and returns are easy! Just reread this....must say, I should get a gift card for this testimonial : ). Have a good one you guys! XOXO


  1. Brilliant post..! I used to shop at Zappos. Just got a new pair of shoes.


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