Cutest Cake!

A coworker of mine today told me about this new cake pan she got and I love it! It is sooo, cute! And, it looks totally easy and doable. As you guys know, my brush with cake decorating was a disaster. Basically, the finished cake product looks like a giant cupcake. Can it get any cuter??

So, I have searched the world wide web (well, she actually did it) and have some options for you.

First, as you may know, Linens n Things is is going out of business, but that is where she got her pan and it is currently on sale for $22.49.

Williams Sonoma also sells the pan in a similar design for $36. So, I would get it there if you have a gift card and nothing else to spend it on ; ).

I just love these! Hmmm....maybe a good potential Christmas gift : ). And, they would be sooo cute for a kids party too!


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