Cute as Can Be

Awhile back I posted about books I loved as a kid where my mom had my name, my cousin's name and maybe even my sister's name included in the book. They were so cute! Well, Snapfish now has a cool product where you can include your child's picture in the book! They are only $16.99 and I can only imagine how much these would encourage them to read!

I am thinking about getting one of these for little Max but I am not sure if I should wait another year until he can recognize himself in the story. He is only 7 months kids recognize themselves at that age? Seriously, I have NO clue about child development....


  1. Katie - those are precious! But they might make a great 1st b-day present, instead of now....babies do love to look at picture books but he might not recognize himself just yet! And, getting it with a picture of himself at 1 year old would also make a great "milestone" marker keepsake for his parents to enjoy too for years to come as well. Something for both Max & Mommy/Daddy to enjoy! Thanks for finding those - Baby A will probably get one for her 1st b-day now! love, jennifer


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