The internet is a black hole

As I do everyday, I get home and I go through all of my "daily" sites. It is amazing how you can get sucked in online for hours. Well, today I got sucked in. First, I went to my old roommate (she is not old, she just was my roommate several years ago) Laura's blog. She has a really cute writing style, but she got me to click on Tangarang. Um, can you say cute?? I love the way she writes!
And, she has really cute downloads, like this one!

From there, I clicked on Let's Entertain's website where I found this really cute Thanksgiving centerpiece idea from Good Housekeeping. Super cute!

Next, I linked to All Things Lovely. Who wouldn't want to go somewhere where everything is lovely?? Look how cute this Amy Butler everyday wear is!!

Next I went to Paper*Cakes. She makes custom paper products. And, the fun thing is she always has a contest!! Who wouldn't want to win something??
After that I landed on the Tip Junkie. Tons of giveaways! Fun! These are some stamps she was giving away earlier this week!

Okay, I must stop now. I am spiraling into the black hole and Tommy is finally home! Yay! Have a great night!


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