Full Disclosure

I stole this from Barum & Bailey's blog, but I know Laura would want to share the wealth because this is just too good not to pass on! Check out the Walmart specials...10 mp digital cameras for $79- wow! Also, sister, check out the deal on the digital picture frames for Kyle's mom.

Black Friday
This blog is dedicated to all of the Christmas Gift Deal Seekers in my life. I am by NO means an authority subject but I ran across a few gems that could be potentially helpful.
Official site for all 2008 Black Friday Ads
A little history on the madness.
Google. For real! Every decent plan begins with a google search!!
Amazon. Prime Shipping cannot be BEAT!!!
Good luck you bloodhounds!!!


  1. Please share the wealth!!! I want everyone to get the best deals they can!!!! Happy Shopping!!

  2. For those of you with Amazon Prime memberships, here’s a good website to search for Amazon Prime eligible products:


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