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Today I was online and accidentally clicked on Spoon Sisters, which is saved to my favorites. I am glad I did because they have updated their site with some new stuff since the last time I visited!

Here are some fab finds I thought I would pass on:

These pens cracked me up. They will definitely keep people from accidentally stealing your pen! They come in a pack of six with saying such as: Stuffed with Love Taxidermy (ask about our goldfish and turtle discount; website is: http://www.fluffy4ever.com/). Aren't those terribly funny???

Now, my husband would probably not like to play this game but it comes as a set and I thought it would be a fun "getting to know you better" game. Some sample questions include: Sure you know her wife’s favorite color, but do you know: If she closes the bathroom door if no one is home? What side she parts her hair on? Sure you know your husband hates broccoli, but Do you know if he can juggle three oranges? In which pocket does he carry his wallet?

This is one of my favorites. They are "finger foods" - carriers for appetizers. First, clever. Second, a miniature!!! Love it!!

Also, be sure to check out the Stocking Stuffers section. They have some really fun gifts!


  1. i think I so need that book.... about do you know your wife/hubby! I love all your great website links katie:)

  2. katie, you're so stinkin' cute. I love miniature stuff too. i used your tulsadetails address to add you to my blog - let me know if it is the right one.


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