Fall Flower Party

I have been looking forward to today for awhile now! My former flower partner, Brenna, and I had thrown a fall party for people who had helped us in our flower business a few years back and she asked if I would be interesting in throwing a party again this fall! Of course I was in! So, today we got together at her house and had so much fun! Brenna had awesome appetizers, a fire going and Christmas music playing. It was perfect for a little fall decorating! The picture below is all of our creations together!
One of the fun things about doing these parties is that you really get to see the creativity of the group. You all start with the same flowers but to see how people use their imagination is so fun.
My mother-in-law did the arrangement below. She did an awesome job and I think had a lot of fun! She had never done anything like this before. I was really impressed with her final product.
Brenna was nice enough to donate a fall arrangement created by her to a United Way auction. So, she did this really cute arrangement for the lucky recipient. She is so talented. Whoever got this definitely got an awesome deal. One down...only three more for her to do : ).

Brenna's mother-in-law did this fabulous arrangement. She is really a natural and I love how she used a hollowed out baking pumpkin. So cute!

Okay, I look like I just woke up. But, I did an arrangement for Megan's first Thanksgiving at her house. She had a birthday party and couldn't make it. The other arrangement I did for my coffee table. I love having fresh flowers around. It really does make your house feel more homey.
Iris had NEVER done a flower arrangement in foam and I swear her arrangement looked like it was done by a professional. She is so talented and has such an eye for design!!!
My mom was so funny, she kept wanting to add more to her arrangement. I kept telling her to stop. : ) I love her final product. It is so clean and professional. She also took quite a bit of floral design and is just really good at this kind of stuff. Her flowers will be the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving table. Look how pretty they look in the picture!
My sister is also very creative. She did a great job with her arrangement. It was perfectly balanced and turned out really cute. I am so glad she got to come!

All of our flowers came from Sam's and were super simple to do. The fun part is many of the guests had never made a flower arrangement before and they all turned out amazing. And, Brenna is an awesome host, so hopefully she will be up for this again next year!


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