Bouquet Twists

Today my sister-in-law sent me a link to the Daily Candy’s DC Blog. They had the most adorable "Flour Arrangement.” I absolutely fell in love!

These are cupcakes!!!

First, I have got to make this for a shower. Second, I am about to die. I need a cupcake NOW!! These were made by Couture Cupcakes in DC. Also featured were “ice cream” cupcakes. Are these not adorable for a kid’s birthday party?

I imagine you just bake cupcakes and then just put them in the cone with the wrapper removed and ice away! YUM!!!

Another fun bouquet idea that is not only beautiful but healthy too are Edible Arrangements. These are all fruit filled arrangements that would be absolutely gorgeous at a wedding or shower.

Okay, let’s be honest, this chocolate one is more my speed:

I just absolutely love the idea of taking something traditional, like a flower arrangement and making it into something unique and fun by using different foods.

Being in the floral industry I have ideas about how all of these could easily be made using simple floral tricks, so if you ever want to know, comment below and I will send you my own version of the instructions : )!

Tomorrow, I will highlight the beauty of “plating.” Can you tell I love to eat???


  1. Of course I want to know Katie! mrs dot angelasolano @ gmail dot com :)


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