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So I said I would include some pictures of the party that my sister was throwing on Saturday night...but, she left for a trip to Hawaii and took the camera. So, I decided to post some pictures of the invitations I did for the party and the announcement I made for my nephew, Max! (I get to meet him this week and spend close to two whole weeks with him!)

I digress. My sister's husband has been in optometry school for the past four years. So, there was definitely a reason to party. We decided to design the party invitation as an eye chart (so clever!) Here is a copy of what I designed for the event:
This is the insert that we included with directions. Is this not adorable? I made it to look like a prescription pad and used a handwriting font.

The party was a blast! Allison had a Mexican theme and I had so much fun doing all of the flowers. We included some really great details to make the table top look fantastic. I promise I will post the pics when she gets back.

So, onto another design I have done recently. This is a picture of my nephew, Max. He is so cute! My cousin, Karen Fish, was nice enough to photoshop this picture to make it look more clear. So, a special thank you to her. I will post some more pictures soon of some things I am working on! I am doing more with Habitat, working on some logos and keeping very busy!


  1. You are so talented Katie! I know who to call next time I need invitations. :)


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