Garden Flowers

We just got back from Balitmore on Tuesday from visiting the new nephew (isn’t he cute??) and while we were there I asked my sister-in-law if I could pick some of the flowers and foliage in her back patio area to make her some arrangements for her house. So, I should have taken some pictures of the patio. It is really cute with brick pavers and a lot of character, but they don’t have a ton of space (enough for a table, chairs and a grill) since they live in the city. So, their small garden is definitely doable for anyone, even someone with very little space.

Kristen let me raid her house for all of her vases and I went to town! The first vase I used was a square vase that I think she took home from my wedding and I filled it with hosta leaves for a base…I probably used 6 leaves. Then I took the roses and just scattered them in between hosta leaves and filled in with more hosta leaves. All for free and in less than five minutes!

Next, I took a fern they had growing in a container and just cut some leaves off of it placed it in the vase ala Pottery Barn. They had what looked like lirope/monkey grass in a pot, so I just cut it and knotted it around the vase and took some more and knotted it around the knot. I think it turned out simple and airy.

In their herb garden they had some green onions that had flowered. I again just cut the green onions put them in a bud vase and knotted some more lirope around the vase.

I made this arrangement the same as I did the other rose arrangement above. I just used rosemary from their herb garden in exchange for hosta leaves. Using the herbs gives arrangements a fresh smell and they are especially great in the kitchen and on dining tables!

The last arrangement was very, very simple. It is just three fern leaves in a small vase. But, just having green around the house (I put this in the bathroom) makes the house feel springy and clean. There is nothing like seeing a flower (or green) in the morning to brighten your day!

If you don’t have a green thumb, just go to the local grocery store and pick up some small flower bunches, take them apart and play with the containers you have at home. It really will brighten your day!


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