Perfect Plating

Sadly, I do not do enough cooking on my own. I absolutely LOVE to eat out. One of my favorite things about dining out is presentation. I have been known to embarrass the company I am with and take a snapshot of the food if it is done beautifully enough. It is like edible art. I can even specifically remember my first experience with beautiful food. I was 19 years old and in Newport Beach , CA for a sorority convention. It was our last night at the event and we were each served cheesecake. It lay on a berry and chocolate sauce that was artfully arranged. But, the centerpiece of the cheesecake was a white chocolate star about the size of the palm of my hand with the sorority crest “painted” on the star in colorful detail. I had never seen something so beautiful or artistic on a plate before. Unfortunately, this is also the time before digital cameras so I have nothing to show of this but the memory.

Since then, I have had many other beautiful plates served to me (mainly deserts). I think cruise lines know how to plating beautifully. Here are some pictures of some of the beautiful deserts served on the Caribbean Princess.

This cake was served to my husband and I on our 1 year anniversary. The cake was a thick flourless gateau with a dark chocolate ribbon edging that had the Princess logo etched onto it with edible gold paint. The flower was also made of sugar. Gorgeous!

This was an appetizer on the ship with mango and kiwi. I just think the plating and the colors are pretty.

This desert I just loved. I thought it was clever that they made it look like a ship’s anchor.


Tomorrow I will post some fun pictures from the party my sister is throwing for her husband's optometry school graduation!


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