About Me

I love taking personality tests to learn more about my strengths and "areas of improvement." So, today I took a few. Here are my results:

I really liked this one...it is called the OCEAN Test. It only told about the "positive" side of my personality. Ha! Gotta love that!
I'm a O80-C94-E93-A57-N18 Big Five!!

I also took the Kiersey Temperament Sorter. My results show that I am an Idealist. This is totally me! My life goal is to help people see and reach their potential. When I help my clients, my friends, my family, whomever, I will go to great lenghts to see them succeed! (I got this from my dad. He always was clipping articles, taping shows, etc...if he thought it might be of interest to someone. I find myself doing this too.) There are four sub-parts of the personality, though. Since I am too cheap to have someone tell me my results I am just going to go off my best guess as to which one best fits my personality. Of the the four, I am most like the teacher personality. Not as intense, though!!

This was a fun one. I am sure it is really based on facts and statistics. But, it is what dog breed I am most like. See the results below:

What Common Breed of Dog Are You?

Take this quiz!

Since I am lab owner this is very fitting. (Please ignore the grammatical errors. Unfortunately, I have no control over those!) Have fun finding your inner self!


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