Personalized Gifts…Ideas for Mother’s Day

I love personalized gifts. Just that someone put effort into something and thought of me is the best feeling. So, in honor of Mother’s Day I thought I would come out with a list of great gifts with meaning for your mom.

After building the Habitat House in honor of my dad, we gave my mom and the homeowner a book of pictures that showed our progress building the house. I think this is definitely in the top 5 gifts my sister and I have ever given my mom. She raves about it and shows everyone! They are super, super easy to make and relatively inexpensive. To make mine, I just used Snapfish, uploaded my pictures and did a “drag and drop.” It was that easy!

I gave my mom another “top 5” gift on my wedding day. When planning my wedding I came across engraved dog tags. Strange idea for a wedding, yes, but I saw a girl who had a brother pass away and she had a dog tag engraved with her brother’s picture as a way to preserve his memory and make him a part of the wedding. I absolutely LOVED this! So, I found a vendor online and had a dog tag made with my dad’s picture (he had passed away about 2.5 years prior at the time) and the saying “with me always” to tie onto my bouquet. I saw how much my mom loved mine and I bought one for she and my sister to carry in their wedding bouquets too.

Unfortunately the company I used is now out of business, but I found a similar one online at: I now have mine hanging in a shadow box with pictures and items from my wedding day.

My friend, Megan, gave me this next personalized gift for my birthday last year and I absolutely LOVE IT!! It is a stamp personalized with my name and address, but what is so cool is that it also comes with accessories for you to use with it, like notecards, wine tags, and announcements. I got some of the notecards for Christmas and they are just as cute!

Here is a link to product information:

Some other things that my mom loves are:
Bath Products

Have fun shopping!


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