The biggest floral holiday is this weekend!

Believe it or not, Mother's Day is the biggest floral holiday. Yes, bigger than Valentine's Day. As a former floral designer, I have a few secrets that I use when I order flowers from a florist. I like to get the most for my money and also something that looks fun and classy.

1- Use the internet and make a phone call. If you are ordering flowers for someone out of your geographic area, look up a florist online. I like to use Yahoo Local as my search engine so that I can be sure I am truly calling a florist in the city.

2- I do not place my order on the web site provided by the florist. Most of these are generic (you wll start to see the pictures repeat themselves) and those flowers shown are not necessarily in stock, so you may have a substitute that your recipient does not like.

3- Request flowers that your recipient loves and ask for no greenery (specifically leather leaf). Think back to some of the most beautiful arrangements you have ever seen...they most likely are full of flowers and not overtaken by greenery!

4- If you do not know your recipient's favorite flowers here are some that are beautiful, yet not overly expensive:

Alstroemeria is very affordable and looks like mini lilies!
Roses are mistakenly thought of as an expensive flower. They are actually quite reasonable and a beautiful way to fill a bouquet.
Certain lilies are fragrant and expensive, but asiatic lilies are colorful and odorless. They pop in a bouquet!
Irises are also a beautiful and inexpensive way to fill a bouquet.
5- Keep in mind, around mother's day many people order pale pink flowers for their mothers so flowers in bright colors may be a little more affordable, as the demand is not as high.

6- I always tell the florist too that I want to spend "$50" (or whatever) including tax and delivery. You can spend up to $15 for delivery with taxes on top of that!

7- Another fun addition to any bouquet is the addition of fruit. Lemons and limes are especially cute in a bouquet. They add another element of surprise and texture. Tell your florist to have fun with it!

Good luck in your floral ordering and if you ever have specific questions, just let me know!


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