Monday, May 7, 2012

Bumpdate Week 18


How Far Along: 18 weeks (today…so, I guess the information is from the week before)

The updates from week 17 are pretty much the same as week 16, however, I am definitely growing! Baby is sitting really low. But still no updates on weight gain (only because my scale is completely inaccurate), nothing new in maternity clothes and I continue to go back and forth on what I think the baby’s gender is.

Movement: I still feel the baby move, some days more than others. I am still pretty much obsessed with watching my somach move (or waiting for the baby to do something). I can’t tell you how many DVR’d shows I have had to rewind because I missed the plot because I was so engrossed in my stomach. Tommy finally saw the baby kick, too.

Sleep: Sleep is about the same. I still get up at least once (sometimes 2-3 times a night) to go to the restroom, but I am getting much better at falling back asleep.

Also, I finally had to move from my stomach to my side.

Cravings: I finally indulged my Key Lime Pie craving. Luckily my friend Iris has a sweet tooth and was nice enough to treat me! Still loving sweet potato fries, salads and fruit!

Other crazy symptoms: My gums have started bleeding when I floss. Also, I feel like the baby is now moving some internal organs around for room??? I honestly have no idea, but there were a few days where things had sharp stabs to them internally. Obviously my high school anatomy class got me far.

For the first time this weekend, I got the intense feeling of pressure on my bladder that would come and go (usually to the point where I would have to find a restroom – stat). I assume that was the baby kicking in that area.

What I am looking forward to: Learning the gender of the baby and starting to work on the nursery.

Best Moment this week: Watching the baby move and talking to friends about the baby!


SushiMama said...

Again, you just look amazing! And I was the same way with watching the belly move- it never gets old, and I can now say it definitely doesn't change once they're here- I could stare at Emersyn for HOURS!

Anonymous said...

Your picture is beautiful, and I love your sweet comments!
Love, Aunt Angie

Emily said...

Jarrett & I loved watching my belly move! So glad Timmy can now join you in the belly watching :) Such a fun time!

Emily said...

I promise, I know it's Tommy---not Timmy! Ha!!

Aja said...

Timmy! LOL! That cracked me up! :)
I see a teeny tiny bump! So adorable! Glad you're still feeling great!

Ashley said...

You are so cute!! How exciting that you can already see your belly moving around, that is so fun! Can't wait until you guys find out the gender :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love that tiny bump! I don't know where any organs are located and apparently, I don't know their function either. I was telling Ty about an intense pain in my stomach, on the right side below my breast. He said it was probably my gallbladder. I then proceeded to ask what a gallbladder does. He thought that was so funny. I obviously won't be helping out with much science homework. haha.

happy_wife said...

You look so adorable KT!!!! Seriously, so, so cute!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your bump dates Katie!
Glad I was able to partake in the key lime pie craving... Not glad I still am the only one eating the pie!
Xoxo, iris

Dianna said...

I think girl! When do you find out?

Meant to be a mom said...

Awe you look adorable. I'm so sorry I'm so late at congratulating you. But Congratulations. I'm so excited for you guys :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

You are so stinking cute!! Love that itty bitty bump. Cannot wait to hear what you're having!!! If I miss the announcement due to my post-birth haze, will you please email or tweet me directly? I know, I'm so high maintenance. :)

Jax said...

haha.. Love the high school anatomy class comment..

We need to go to lunch soon, girl!

You look adorable!!!

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