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So we are finally coming out of the fog after our turn of events last week. A lot of time has been focused on our sweet Carter. He is such a good dog, but was so dependent on his big brother Pudge, so we have been giving him lots of extra special attention. Poor pup. My heart just breaks for him to lose his best friend because we know how hard it is.

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Pudge also was his motivator. Forget treats, if we wanted Carter to do anything, we would just get Pudge to do something and he would follow. This has made going on a walk tricky as Carter isn’t interested. Tonight my mom is bringing her Golden Retriever over, so we are hoping he will actually leave the house and go on a walk. (Here’s hoping.)

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To help ease the pain, I have been partaking in retail therapy. Because that’s always effective for at least a 5 minute pick me up, right? But it is fun to buy something for the new baby (and baby’s mama), so I got me a diaper bag in Pudge’s colors at the Kate Spade one day sale. (How do you like that for rationalization?) I am hoping I like it once it comes in!

Also, we are still, of course, thrilled about baby, and I wanted to show you the cute way (if I do say so myself) that I told my coworkers that the baby was going to be a girl.

The night before the big day we went to Walmart and I bought some tiny boxes, ribbon and pink and blue candy.

iphone pics 051412 florida gender reveal 201

I put all the boxes together the night before and then before I went into the office, filled the boxes with pink whoppers!

iphone pics 051412 florida gender reveal 202

I had also bought some blue York Pieces for my something blue. Just a hint…it is hard to find pink or blue candy at the store, this is the best I could do.

I made all of the little labels myself and thought they turned out cute. It was fun to get everyone’s reaction as they opened them.

Anyway, I did want to thank you all for your sweet comments, tweets, texts and cards last week. I do appreciate each of them.


  1. Hi, Katie,
    I'm glad you're feeling better, and I definitely agree about retail therapy. That's always been the best therapy for me. I love the diaper bag!! I hope Carter enjoys his play date this evening!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Poor Carter :( I hope your mom's dog helps him get out for a walk.
    LOVE the bag! So cute and totally necessary. And the work announcements are adorable!

  3. Poor Carter.
    Your gender reveal is precious!

  4. My heart has been so heavy for you guys. Your description of their relationship is so my Max and Alex. Please know you have been on my heart.

    Oh, and I have the Kate Spade Stevie and LOVE it! Perfect choice! I hope it helps you smile and think of Pudge everytime you carry it!

    Lots of Love to your sweet family...and yay for a baby girl ;0)


  5. I love the diaper bag!! The way you told your coworkers is so cute and the labels are perfect! Thinking about you and Carter. Poor guy. I'm sure it is so sad to watch him grieve.

  6. Love, love, love the diaper bag! Poor Carter - I know it's hard for him. Give him hugs for me!

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  8. I have that Kate Spade diaper bag. LOVE, love, love it! :)


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