Weekly Faves

I am still on the Christmas train.  Imagine that! 

I am love, love, loving this cupcake snow globe featured on cupcakes take the cake from the shop Pinkabella. Mixes my two favorite things – packaging and cupcakes in one!

You know I love to read (er, listen), so I found this book tree featured on Fail Blog to be a total winner!

Megan’s sister-in-law, Erin, started a blog and I am in love with her homemade snow globes! Aren’t they awesome? Get the full tutorial here.

Kate with Elefantitas Alegres did a great post on brick bookends.  Loved her final outcome!

You all probably love the blog Copy Cat Chic.  Megan did her own rendition, only with shoes! She found some great deals, so check out her post here.

When I used to do flowers we would sometimes sugar fruit in class…only our fruit would no longer be edible because we used real glue.  Cake did a great post on how to create sugared fruit that you can still eat!

Sarah from Life Sweet Life did a great Christmas (Tis the reason for the season) printable.  It would be great for later this week! Visit her blog here to download it!

Hope you each have a wonderful holiday season!!!


  1. Hi, Katie,
    I love the ideas!! The snow globes are great, and that reminds me of an art project I did with my first graders. We made "mini" snow globes out of baby food jars. We spray painted the lids and used tiny "knick knacks," and they were really cute! The sugared fruit is beautiful and looks really easy!Love, Aunt Angie


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