Digital Holiday Fun

Since I didn’t get around to doing a holiday card this year (for like the 4th year in a row—it amazes me I am still on anyone’s holiday list still…here’s to next year!), I decided to create my own card online:

merry newsinator

I love this cheeky play on the holiday newsletter! You can create your own at Merry Newsinator.

Also, on yesterday’s post, I posted about how you can get Santa to send your child a customized message from The Portable North PoleLook how cute Finley’s turned out! Sadly, I cannot embed the video, but it is super cute and worth watching (or doing on your own)!


  1. Um.. this is fantastic and I want to do one immediately! ha! I seriously have no idea how I'm on anyone's card lists b/c I once again didn't send any. Blerg. I think it must be easier to send cards when you have kids b/c you have an OBVIOUS subject for the cards. I'm always like: "PLain cards? Gracie dog? Me and Gracie dog? Funny cards?" and then I just go for no card.. haha.. Sheez.


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