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So a few weeks ago my sister-in-law was at Williams-Sonoma and somehow got talked into buying the Peppermint Bark from the store.  I’ve had it, and it is good.  I am not sure if it is $25 good, though.  Yes, people, $25!!!!!!

I happened to be walking through Walmart a few days later and came upon this in the bakery section for a whopping $3, so I had to text it to her. 

walmart peppermint bark

But that got me thinking….I bet I couldn’t even make peppermint bark for $3.  Actually, I am almost positive I couldn’t. 

Soooo…..guess what my neighbors will be getting? Some Walmart peppermint bark packaged in a very cute tin, of course. 

All for under $5.  I think I will be the most popular girl on the block!


  1. LOVE this idea! I don't think I could pay $25 for peppermint bark...I'd be thinking I could just make that myself! lol!

  2. I bet your SIL wanted to kill you for that text. :) I think that gift is perfect for your neighbors. With so many people we need to buy for each year, we need to be wise with spending. Good find! I may have to try some of this myself. :)

  3. I love WS peppermint bark, but have never purchased it. I live off of samples and others purchases. :) I make the bark every year, but I'm thinking this year I'll just buy it at Wal-Mart!

  4. such a great idea!! we didn't expect to get gifts from our neighbors last year so I was caught off guard and had to give away the box of brownies I'd been saving for myself.. haha! This year I'll be prepared!

  5. MAKE it??? Gah. This is the find of the week! Submit this to Copy Cat Chic stat! ;)

  6. Great idea! Love me some peppermint bark, and William Sonoma's is soooo good! Such a sweet neighbor, Katie!


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