Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I have had so much fun the past few weeks getting in the Christmas Spirit.  My fun started with an ornament exchange at my sister-in-law’s house. Of course, no photos were taken. SHOCKER.

My next party was at Jane’s house for the 2nd blogger Christmas party! I love reading and keeping up with these girls and it’s even more fun seeing them in person.

(Back row)-Katie, Lynn, Lindsey, Jessica, Chesley. (Front row)-Ashley, me, Jane, Jackie.

(Thanks, Jackie, for letting me steal your photo!)

I have also hosted a party, been to a bunko Christmas party and I think that is pretty much it.  I promise my social calendar is NEVER this packed. I am obviously the worst blogger ever since I didn’t take a picture at a single event.

And before I get more into the Christmas spirit, what could be sweeter than finding your dog enjoying your Christmas décor?

I have had so much fun celebrating with my nieces and nephews, too!  My boss was sweet enough to give me a gingerbread house to do with Max and he had so much fun putting it together. His excitement was contagious. It reminds me of how magical Christmas was when I was a kid.

The finished project:

Finley also tried to help! Could she be any cuter??

Her little shirt says “I ♥ Santa.”  For some reason I look like I am missing a tooth in this picture. I promise – they are all there!

I can’t leave out Baby Drew. He was having fun, too! (Look at those sweet curls!!)

Also, this weekend, Megan and I went to paint some pottery for a belated birthday gift. Megan passed her CPA a few weeks ago, so it is nice to have my bff back!  (And congratulations, of course, to her!)

Megan found the whole experience to be very stressful. I thought it was quote fun! I have also done this before, so I knew not to do anything complicated. Painting is NOT easy.

My new creamer container:

I can’t wait to see it fired and glazed. (Don’t worry, I will for sure bring you an “after.”)

And Megan’s masterpiece:

Oh, also, I came across this fun site where Santa creates a customized message for your kids! My friend Julie told me about it this week and my nephew was beside himself with excitement when he got his message from Santa!


  1. I'm glad you're having so much fun in the Christmas season. Please tell Megan Congratulations on the CPA exam!! I'm very happy for her.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. The kids are so freaking adorable! I hate it when the camera does something random like makes it look like you're missing a tooth or something... Too funny! I slacked off on the photo-ness this weekend, too...

  3. It was great to see you at bunco! I seriously have been absent since summer! I can't wait to take my kids to purple glaze paint something like this.

    Oh, and Finley and the boys are so adorable! I loved the pics Addie took of the Craig family.


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