Festival of the Trees

For the past two years, Megan, Addie and I (and this year, Gina) have had lunch/brunch at the Philbrook Museum and gone to their Festival of the Trees.  Basically, it is a fundraiser for the museum where local artists and students create Christmas trees and gingerbread houses that are sold with proceeds going to the museum. I love going! It is so artistically inspiring and puts you in the Christmas spirit!

I took pics of my favorites for you (of course they are with my phone, not my real camera, so just imagine how pretty and inspiring it was).

Tree made entirely out of tree bark.

This tree was made entirely out of blown glass.  It was amazing! 

I thought this tree was exceptionally creative. It is made with recycled frames.  Even more impressive is that it was done by a high school art class.


I love stained glass, too.

Another fun thing to do at the museum is see their gingerbread house displays.  It is just simply amazing to me the skill and creativity it takes to make these houses. Not to mention the inability to eat every piece.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with this inspiration piece that was hanging on the wall. It is really fun and creative and I thought could be a fun holiday project.  It is just beads rolled to make the shape of the Christmas tree.



  1. oh wow, those gingerbread houses puts ours to shame! :) very neat!

  2. Love it! Random, but did you see my name on anything for Festival of Trees.. b/c I was on the committee.. And I ONLY say that b/c I actually ended up NOT being able to help but they still put my name on things! LOL! I felt so badly! My friend said she saw my name and I wanted to hang my head in shame.


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