Yesterday I went to an open house for my former flower partner who moved into a new home.  I wanted to get her a little something, so I thought I would share some fun, not wallet-busting housewarming ideas with you guys.

Obviously, there is the bottle of wine, but my friend isn’t a huge drinker, so I wandered through Target and decided that I would get her this. It is one of my favorite scents and I LOVE mine.  My favorite Caldrea fragrance is the Citron Ginger. Amazing.  Buy it now. You will thank me later.

However, they were out.  Ugh.

So I decided to go with the same theme and get her some Mrs. Meyers products.  They are also earth-friendly and smell awesome.  I love me a good candle, but think that a great smelling trio of goodies is more fun and a little less expected.

Also, online you can get an entire gift set for only $25!

I would have loved this when I moved into my new house!

Some other ideas:

A doormat -

Tea Towels (Williams Sonoma has my favorites – anyone else notice how they are far superior in absorbing moisture?), an oven mitt and cookbook

Another fun idea is something my sister got me for my birthday:

Custom address stamps

or personalized notepads, notecards, address labels. My sister got me this adorable Erin Condren notepad for Christmas and I love it.  I almost don’t want to use it for anything mundane!

What is your most favorite housewarming gift to give or receive?

Also, as an aside, for those of you who have hard wood floors what cleaner do you use? I want to use something organic or with no fragrance because what we currently use burns my eyes for a full day from the strong odor. Thanks!


  1. Love these ideas! TOTALLY inviting you over when we move! Ha! :)
    Ok, that stamp is such a cute idea. One warning- don't spring for Mrs Meyers online.. I made the mistake of ordering some orange zest scent that was just awful. But did I throw it out? No. Made us suffer through and lit a candle every time I wipes the counter down. Major fail.

  2. Fab ideas! I'm dying to have a cute stamp like that!!

  3. Great ideas. I am addicted to Mrs. Meyers products! I also love the idea of a welcome mat!


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