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I have always had this thing for creative plating for kids.  I am certain you could get most of them to eat whatever you want with a cute presentation.  On Living Locurto this past week, she posted this very, very clever sandwich cutter. Don’t you love???

picture via another lunch

I have to admit, I am a big starbucks fan. I love my skinny white chocolate mocha and in the fall I am addicted to the caramel apple ciders.  So when I saw this idea on eighteen25, I fell in love! Go check out her blog for a full tutorial!

One of my favorite blogs is Copy Cat Chic.  She shows two very close looking products, one being high-end and the other being a knock-off at a lower price. 

For those who know me, I never go more than two days without wearing ruffles, so I just loved this shower curtain find she had, which is a less expensive version of an Anthropologie shower curtain!

I came across these fairy wings on Cuteable and was in love! Odd considering I have no children of my own and certainly wouldn’t wear these myself. However, for all my friends who  have little ones, learn how to make your own by heading over here!


  1. Love those wings, I have them pinned on Pinterest! Speaking of which, you need to get on there! You'll love it.

    And LOVE that Starbucks thank you! Soo cute, I need to steal that idea!

  2. So many cute things! LOVE that shower curtain! {You can never have too many ruffles} Thanks!

  3. P.S. I listed you as one of my favorite bloggers on my Versatile Blogger Award. Send me a note for details if you would like to pass it along as well. :)


  4. I love the knew look. I have been MIA, but I love all the great ideas, and I can't wait to make the wings. That is a Halloween must.

  5. I love that shower curtian! I've been thinking of using an all white ruffle-y one as curtains in my room! CopyCat seems like a fantastic place to find good deals! - Alyssa


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