Like I Needed Another “Hobby”

So my sister and Aja have gotten me on the Pinterist bandwagon and I am officially obsessed.  (You can follow me here.) I think this might be one of those blessing and a curse things. Or take one item out of my closet because I got a new one – Twitter you may now be on the backburner. Maybe.

That being said, I love finding so many great new things with VERY little effort. Like:

Balloons as Bubbles via Everything Fab

Or this decorative tray, which is just a repurposed cookie sheet via Martha Stewart

Or these strawberries stuffed with cheesecake filling and a graham cracker crust from Sugar Derby.

So if any of your guys have a pinterest account, I would love to follow you.  For those of you want to know more, check out this post here.


  1. There is a pinterest Iphone app, and it is great to catch up on your followers. I don't think you can do any searching on it though! Have fun!!

  2. in LOVE with pinterest! best ever!

  3. Ok, those strawberries look amazing and a great treat to take to a party in the summer. I need to remember this one.

  4. I have an account, but haven't had time to really use it! I think I would love it too much! haha! Those strawberries look fabulous!

  5. I LOVE the balloons as bubbles. And what is this pinterist you speak of?! I want to play! Off to investigate!

  6. Ok, after I read this post the other day I was so intrigued! (I've heard a lot about this website lately) I went to printerest to see what it was all about and decided I had to join immediately, but when I tried to sign up, it said I have to be invited and there is a wait list? :( I don't get it. Please help me.

  7. I'm so in love with Pinterest! Heading over to find you NOW!! :)


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