This week’s favorites

First, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, mother-in-law and all of my family and friends who are moms! Today I have some favorites that you can use to celebrate the mothers (including feline and pup moms, ahem) in your life!

Party Perfect had two of my favorites this week. You guys know I love a cupcake topper, but I thought this simple way to top off a cupcake was really simple and clever.

Another Party Perfect idea was this acorn cookie. Well, it isn’t exactly fall outside, but I think it would be such a fun way to include a child in no-bake cooking. They are just a Chocolate kiss + nilla wafer + peanut butter chip, all glued together with peanut butter.

I have seen these cake pops on a million blogs this week, but I had to share. Mainly because the actual cake ball takes no special skills at all. It is just a simple cake ball with a liner and a piece of paper cut to look like a daffodil’s leaves.  Get the full instructions on Bake at 350.

While I am a day late for the Kentucky Derby, I thought these cupcake liners featured on Cupcakes Take the Cake would be really cute at a cowboy themed birthday party.  Buy them at Etsy shop of Spaceships and Laser Beams.

Sheek Shindigs is having a giveaway this week of these really cool chalkboard labels (you still have time to enter…though I kind of want to win, so forget I said that) from Etsy Shop Braden’s Grace. Aren’t they cool???

I love me a fruity drink with an umbrella, so I thought this wreath featured on Everyday Celebrating was really cute. It would be so fun for a Memorial Day get together.

Now. this is a little random (actually, probably nothing new there), but The Well Appointed House had a feature of Mariah Carey’s nursery and I thought the fabric around the cribs was really a fun detail. A little over the top, but, hey, if I was famous I assure you I would do an over the top nursery as well!

Good news, this weekend I actually DID something, including flower arrangements and some baking. So I will have something new to blog about this week!

Also, last night I went out with some girl friends to see Something Borrowed. I LOVED the book and the movie was super cute. I highly recommend!


  1. I knew I could count on you to review Something Borrowed! I was hoping it was good--I'll totally have to see it soon :)

  2. LOVED their nursery. Not sure it is my style, but it turned out beautiful!

    I have been wanting to see that movie too! I need to watch it now...

  3. Thanks for all the cute ideas, Katie!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. LOVE that nursery!

    Enjoying reading your blog! :)

  5. Fun stuff! Mariah Carey's nursery is beautiful - over the top - but I'm with you, it's celebrity life! {life-size giraffe? check.}

    I'm going to see that movie tonight! :)


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