What I’m Eating This Week

Seriously, I am LAME. I truthfully have nothing going on in my life, so I guess I will resort to telling you about what I am eating.  (Yawn.)

First, the menu planning is going well! I am loving that I have something scheduled to eat most nights.

Monday night I made Parmesan Ranch Chicken. (Photo from I Heart Naptime.)

The meal was really easy and pretty good.  The only complaint (from me) was that it was a little salty.  The crust is tortilla chips, ranch mix and parmesan cheese…I am guessing the chips is what sent it over the salty edge.

Tuesday for lunch my mom and I had Old School Bagel. I am OBSESSED with their four cheese bagel on an asiago cheese bagel. Plus, I have a hard time passing up their chocolate chip cookies.

photo via recipe for crazy

Dinner last night was at Sr. Tequila’s for my sister-in-law’s Cinco de Mayo birthday tomorrow. (Happy birthday, Kristen!!!)

photo via Tulsa Food Blog

Actually, now that I am writing this I realize I go out to eat WAY too much. For lunch today I had Hideaway Pizza. My favorite is a chicken and feta pizza with an alfredo sauce, light cheese, light sauce. This will also be my lunch tomorrow.  Ha! Take that eating out everyday.

And I clearly have issues remembering to take pictures of my food…while this is nothing like my pizza this is the closest one Hideaway had on their Flickr stream. My pizza orders are special…like most of my orders when I go out to eat.

Well, that takes us to dinner tonight. I am making something very unique for dinner. It is the Lighter Spicy Turkey Quiche featured on elefantitas alegres (photo from her blog as well).  I would take a picture and comment, but mine is still baking. I followed her directions, but I didn’t have ground turkey, so I used chicken instead. It looks delicious!!

Tomorrow night will be spaghetti with the ground turkey I have leftover from tonight’s meal.

I told you my life was exciting!


  1. LOVE Old School Bagel Cafe!! And my excuse for eating out is that we don't have to clean the kitchen afterwards! Works for me! :)

  2. I love when you share food ideas. Now that my oven is new and pretty, I need some stuff to cook. :)

  3. I swear I could alternate fajitas and pizza every night. You are not alone. ;)

  4. yum... looks really good. I want to come to your house to eat!


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