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I hear from the masses (my sister, mainly) that you guys like the weekly faves, so I hope you guys do like my “finds.”  This week there weren’t as many starred items in my queue. Probably had everything to do with me being out of town for most of the week and that blogger apparently has issues.  Hmm…I may have to add a Pinterest favorites of the week. Because I am clearly developing a problem.

But without further ado, here are my faves.

I thought these tongue-in-cheek bag tags featured on Twig & Thistle were really fun and really clever.  I would love one for my luggage. It would definitely say “not worth stealing” or “dirty clothes.” (I really cannot imagine anything grosser than getting someone’s unclean bag.)  You can buy your own at the Harlex shop on Etsy.

I am completely in love with the yellow and gray color scheme. Very odd, considering yellow is my least favorite color. (Can someone tell me what that means?) I am currently trying to talk my mom into doing a yellow and grey room at her house.  But I digress. I loved this lamp makeover featured on I Heart Naptimes by Kiki Creates. Can you imagine?? That is quite a before and after!

Annnnnd that is it for this week. I told you – fail.


  1. Oh my goodness, those luggage tags are cute. I like the one that says "my clothes won't fit you"... These are adorable.

  2. I just marked those luggage tags as favorites on etsy. So cute! Keep up the weekly faves!

  3. The luggage tags are so cute! They would be such a cute little gift!

  4. Love that yellow lamp, and i may love even more the chevron table its sitting on! - Alyssa

  5. I love those luggage tags! And um.. my lamp would never look like that. I'd likely make it look worse...for sure... Jsut saying..

  6. I love those luggage tags! I think "my clothes won't fit you" is my favorite one! I have been thinking about decorating our bathroom in yellow and grey, not sure if I have the fiance completely convinced yet...


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