One bouquet, two ways

After my flower post the other day I was inspired to do some arranging. I actually just happened to go to the grocery store and they had some mother’s day specials and I picked up these two bouquets for $10 each.  Based on the flowers inside, this was a really good price. (They have sunflowers, wax flowers, snapdragons, statice and some greens.)

iphone 050811 001

I was giving one of these away as a gift, so I had a smaller vase for that. Here is how I built the arrangement:

iphone 050811 002iphone 050811 003iphone 050811 005

And for the one I was keeping I had a bigger container. I had to add some hosta leaves from my garden and I also added about 5 mini callas that are growing out front as well. But otherwise all of the flowers are the same.

iphone 050811 050iphone 050811 051

iphone 050811 052iphone 050811 054

One of my biggest tips with flowers is that you don’t have to use EVERY flower in the bouquet. If you have leftovers, just put them in smaller containers and enjoy them around your house.

Don’t you just LOVE these cups? Iris got them for me when she went to Portland and I think they look adorable with some flowers in them. They seriously make me smile! Thank you, Iris!!

iphone 050811 057

iphone 050811 058

I hope to do more arranging soon. Can’t wait to share! :)


  1. These are gorgeous. I love having fresh flowers in the house, but mine never look this pretty.

  2. Beautiful! You have such an amazing gift and are so talented! Thanks for sharing your skills with us!

  3. All of those different arrangements look beautiful!

  4. I could so see you opening up a flower shop!!! :)

  5. They turned out great! I really love having fresh flowers in the house but I never remember to buy them! Might grab some on the way home after seeing this post!


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