Party Pics

Yesterday, Tommy and I went to one of the cutest child's birthday parties I have ever attended. My friend Addie had details like crazy. I am sure she will post the full details on her blog, but I had to share a few pictures I took with my phone. (Addie, I hope you don't mind, but I totally had to brag on how cute Owen's party was!)
The party had a cowboy theme. Seriously, didn't the cake turn out adorable? Addie used the cake decorator who did Finley's party and Tommy's 30th birthday cake.

Her sweets table was fabulous!

This was above the sweet's table...probably would have been nice to have gotten the whole pic together. But I guess this will encourage you to check her blog for pics in the next week or two!

Even the flowers were perfect!

How clever are these favors?

A smore bar:

And cutest cowgirl - (that's my sister with Finley) - check out her shoes!


  1. Awww so so cute!! And I was at a kiddo party yesterday too! The theme was "we're having a ball!" and the details were amazing! The cupcakes were all different sports balls, there was a "red carpet" to the tune of a green turf carpet that led to a big sign that said "Smith Field" (their last name). They even had a station to sign baseballs for the birthday boy! Adorable! Love kiddo parties!!!

  2. That was an adorable party!! My goodness, you young girls are so clever and creative. Miss Finley is beyond precious in the denim jacket and the cowboy boots.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. How cute! I need the info on that cake decorator! I want a cute cake for Ty's graduation party.

  4. It looks so professional! Love it, and OMG can we talk about Finley's cheeks for a minute?! I swear she gets cuter every time you post a new picture!

  5. cute party! ohhh finley! i miss her so much!! cutest cowgirl ever!

  6. What an adorable party - and I sure do love Miss Finley's cowboy boots!!

  7. Love it Love it! I am going to do the smores thing too! I saw it on another blog and loved it. SO cute I may have to borrow some ideas!

  8. All of her details were amazing! I can't wait to see the pics she has as well :)


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