Warming up

Isn't amazing what a difference some curtains can make??? This is our office window before (don't mind the mini-blinds...they came with the house).
Don't the curtains just make a world of difference? I think they really warm up the room!
Special thanks to my mother-in-law who made these 9 inches longer! She did an amazing job. Love you, Marianne! :)


  1. Huge difference - looks great! I have a sliding glass door that's completely bare just begging for curtains :)

  2. may be u don t know what ia written but you know it from my song
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  3. They look great! I am just getting around to window treatments myself.
    Also what great chairs!

  4. Beautiful. Curtains really do make a huge difference. I love the brown on the bottom.

  5. Huge difference! They look great!

  6. Those look great in there! Curtains make all the difference, but I hate buying them b/c I think I have to have them forever! lol!


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