Weekly Round Up

First, pardon my lack of posting. I have been here:

Well, not exactly the White House (don't worry, Kelsey), but in Washington, DC. (Also, can I get some props for my decent iPhone pic of our nation's first house? I may be improving.)

Never fear, though, my lack of posting didn't mean I gave up reading. I do have a few faves from this week.

I loved these party lights featured on Attention 2 Detail. They are all made from items from Ikea (sigh---surely Target would have something close) - cupcake liners and party lights. Love! You can get the full instructions from Ikea Hackers.

You know how photobooth props are all the rage, right? (They totally are. Though, truth be told, I have never actually seen any in real life.) I thought these featured on Celebrations at Home via One Sweet Party were very clever.

Lastly, you might begin to think I have Jello obsession between last week's post on Jello and this week's post on Jello. In reality, I haven't had Jello (other than in Jello pretzel salad - which, sidenote- totally rocks) since I was 5. However, I thought this Jello featured on Tangled and True was beyond beautiful.

I hope all of you have been doing well. Tell me your faves for the week.


  1. I hope you had fun in DC. I love it there. So much to see and do. And thanks for posting those lights with the cupcake liners...seriously, could those be any cuter? :)

  2. Your are so important jetting of to the White House ;) Glad you are back!

  3. Where we in DC the same week? I just got back Monday night. Weird. Hope you had fun (and didn't have to work as hard as I did)!

  4. going to make this jello for sure!! thanks for sharing the link!

  5. Your photo of the White House looks like a postcard - it is great!! What were you doing in D.C.? The rainbow jello looks wonderful - I hope I will try it!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  6. Love the rainbow jello, so pretty!


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