Settling Down

My past week has felt crazy busy. I went of town over the weekend to visit some college friends and I have been going ever since I got back.

One of my main projects has been redoing our office. (And when I say "we" I really mean the painter we hired.) Ever since we moved in I have loathed the color. It was just toooooo dark. Not only were the walls red, but the ceiling was as well. Here is a bit of a peek at the before.

It looks sooooo much better now. The moldings in this room are stained and you couldn't even see them in the dungeon room before. I still have a few things I want to do in the room before the "final reveal." Trust me, major improvement!

In other news, we got our second new mattress today. (That has been one of the other tasks keeping me busy -- well, maybe Tommy more so. The other mattress worked fine for me.) But we are now Tempurpedic owners. I hope tonight is my best night sleep yet.


  1. I'm so glad you're back to blogging!! I missed you and your cute ideas!! The room is looking great.
    Love, Aunt Angie
    P.S. Both Shannon and Karen have the Tempuredic mattress, and they love it!! We have the knock-off from Sam's, and it's pretty good, too!!

  2. You'll have to report back on the awesome mattress/sleep tonight!!! :) And loving the lighter color in that room! It changes the whole look! Crazy!

  3. Isn't it amazing what just a simple coat of paint can do. That really opens up that space. I can only imagine how great the rest looks.

  4. Ohh sooo jealous of you new mattress! And that paint color is perfect! I can't wait to see the whole room!

  5. I love that painting a room can be such an inexpensive way to make a big change!

  6. Love it!!! It looks great :)

  7. Can't wait to see it! I bet the lighter color makes that room seem a lot bigger.


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