This post was going to be about...

what I was loving on Wednesday...but that kind of didn't happen, so it is a hodge podge of things. First, what I am loving (and I just realized it is all pretty much food related): Okay, you guys, I am ADDICTED to Chopped and Chopped All-Stars. I come home everyday in hopes that I have an episode recorded. If you aren't watching, start today. You will learn something new. I promise.
I am also loving California Pizza Kitchen's Crispy Thin Crust Garlic Chicken Pizza.

Doesn't it look delish?

My friend (the one with the mini-donkeys) and I went to dinner last Friday night at Red Rock Canyon Grill and this was our dessert. Seriously, so, so amazing - cookie crust, ice cream, brownie and hot fudge.

And this is where the hodge podge comes in. I have kind of just been "meh" on our flower beds. Tommy works with a wonderful woman who LOVES to do plans for them. So check out what we will be working on this Spring.

Tomorrow is my very best friend Megan's birthday! She is also taking her CPA exam tomorrow so she can enjoy her night out :). This is Megan, Aja and I last year on her birthday:

Happy birthday, Megan!
In not so fun news, my Uncle David was diagnosed with cancer last week. I have been just sick about it and I saw this sign today: Tomorrow he is having an MRI as a follow up to a bone scan he had earlier this week. If you guys wouldn't mnd saying a quick prayer for a clear scan, I would so appreciate it.

I heart you guys!


  1. Thank you, Katie, for the request for prayers for Uncle David!!!!!!! I also like the sign you saw - that is my mantra!!! I am praying so hard for Uncle David to be OK.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I hope that dessert tasted as good as it looks! So sorry to hear about your uncle, we will keep him in our prayers.

  3. sending prayers to your uncle! I love that sign though!

  4. Praying your uncle has a clear scan! And that dessert looks AH-MAZING, btw!

  5. Sending prayers your uncle's way! Umm... That dessert looks fabulous! I think I gained 5 pounds looking a the picture! Oh - and I am absolutley obsessed with Chopped too! Love it!

  6. You are so funny! The mini donkey search had me rolling!

    I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, Katie. I will most definitely be praying for him.

  7. Saying a prayer for your uncle right now!

  8. I hope your uncle is doing okay!!!!

    I LOVE California Pizza Kitchen and that Red Rock dessert. YUM


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