Going to the Birds

Today on Paper & Cake she featured a bird house confection by NeviePieCakes. Um, have you ever seen anything this fabulous????? People, you can eat these. I don't know if I could...they are way too pretty.

Who am I kidding? I totally could.

I especially love this gingerbread house.

And, not bird related at all (or maybe a little - her room is bird themed and I did a bird baby shower for her last year), but check out little Finley doing her little trick - you tell her "Finny go night-night" and she lays her little head on her shoulder. She is so advanced.

Ohhhh...I LOVED all of your comments about your claims to fame. I think we all need to hang out more often. Maybe I will run into Ben Affleck while he is shooting his movie here. If I were only so lucky... I also forgot to mention, I have my picture with Vern Yip and Frank Bielec of Trading Spaces. Do they count as celebs?


  1. The bird house confections are beautiful, but that picture of Finley is beyond precious!!!! I think she is very advanced because I've heard about some of the "tricks" she can do!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. That cake is beautiful!! Oh sweet Finley! She is so cute.

  3. Oh my...Finley is ADORABLE! I love all those rolls and her dimples are precious.

  4. Aaah!! My bird themed baby shower was this past Sunday...too bad I didn't see these before! I still loved my little birdy cupcakes though. :)

  5. This post makes me want cake, birds and to support human cloning so we could all have a Finley of our own. I could put her in my pocket and teach her and Alex to hold hands and take them with me everywhere. If I could get my hands on some baby tap shoes, there isn't anything we couldn't do.


  6. Adorable cakes they're almost too pretty to cut into! and Adorable baby!


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