Some housekeeping and a party

1- I know you all warned me (specifcally, you, Jane) that I musn't get sucked into (pun totally intended) the Twilight series. I.cannot.stop.reading. Hence, my silence on this blog. I had to finish Eclipse. Which I 2 days. I pulled some late-nighters, but I had to find out what happened in the Bella/Edward/Jacob triangle. I am kind of sad that I only have one book and it will be over.

2- Thanks to a friend of mine who happens to be the world's biggest Twilight fan, and I kid you not, knows every fact about them known to man, let me in on a little secret. There was a leaked manuscript of Twilight written from Edward's perspective and, omg, you will die to know what is going through his head. Here is the full story and at the bottom there is a pdf of 264 pages of the manuscript.

3- Today my friend Aja had a brush with fame. No she didn't run into Ben Affleck at Broken Arrow's Bass Pro, she got a shout out on our favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette Blog, I Hate Green Beans, for breaking this news.

Aja will be giving out autographs.

Now onto other things. I came across this cooking party designed by the Party Studio from the blog Simply Creative Insanity.

Okay, so it is kind of hard to see, but the cake in this picture is absolutely adorable.

I am absolutely, 100% in love with these cupcakes. Look at the miniatures! Can you honestly tell me you have ever seen a cuter cupcake?
All of the colors and details are stunning.


  1. Hey Katie, don't forget about the other book that was just released in June. The short second life of Bree Tanner. It was good. Enjoy New Moon, it is AMAZING!!!!! You will really go though withdrawls after you are done. haha Talk soon, Rhiana


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