Guilty as Charged

Ever have one of those days that isn't just horribly bad, but just kind of annoying? I guess Carter was having one too. He had to take his aggression out on something.

What mom? I didn't do anything.

I just always pose like this. I can look you in the eye even.

Okay, so maybe I just looked at your document.
How could you be mad at these eyes?


  1. I hope you are that lenient with your kids. love, mom

  2. Even after seeing the evidence, I still don't believe it was him. Do you have a dog door? Have you heard about those gangs of house thieves that send small children through the animal door to open the house? Yeah, well, I think it was like that. But for framing dogs.

    That is the only explanation.


  3. Oh that Carter! He's really got nerves of steel to be able to look you in the eye after that.. my dog can only glance up really quickly with his ears down. :)

  4. I couldn't get mad at him either...he just looks so sweet. Hopefully the document wasn't too improtant!

  5. HA!! That’s the face my dog gives me after he’s raided the trash, LOL!

  6. haha! I love it! My dogs look like this pretty often... can't forget and leave a napkin on the coffee table. The little guys will find it! Your dog is adorable!


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