I ran across this wine wreath at Everyday Celebrating and I had to share (yeah, sorry about the lack of posts this week, I was finishing up the Twilight series -- it sucked the life out of me - he, he).

This little treasure is perfect for my friend, Jane, who may or may not have had a day without wine (except for when she was pregnant) since she was 22. (I think you were drinking beer in college, Jane.)

I would totally buy it for her, but I hate when shipping exceeds the price of the item. (This is totally based off principal, Jane. Not because I don't love you.) You can find this at CorkyCrafts on Etsy.

Today I will be going to the lake with friends. It is probably my first time to go to the lake since 2007. I am deeply afraid of blinding people with my white radiant skin. I guess I am closer to a Cullen than a Quilleute. (I promise the Twilight references will stop soon -- right after I get my "I drive faster than a Cullen" bumper sticker.)


  1. Great idea!! Finally something I can do with my corks from back in the day that I wasn't drinking wine that I poured from a spigot. And, I love your Twilight reference....I was going to say that your skin would sparkle like diamonds, but you already beat me to the Twilight-Punch! So very Alice of you, knowing what I would say.

    Man. Twilight reference+31 year woman=I am officially a loser.

    Well, at least I know now. :)

    Have a great weekend-sunscreen is our friend!


  2. I have a ton of corks, problem is I'm not crafty enough to figure out how to make a wreath out of them!

  3. Ben says I'm not white, I'm alabaster. Just thought I'd give you another positive adjective :)


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