I kid you not, the world's greatest carpet cleaner

For the past two days Tommy and I have been getting over a stomach bug. Awful. I won't even give you a comparison. Just know, it has not been fun.

While I know you cannot give your dog your stomach virus (or can you?), I think Carter had sympathy pains for mom and dad and decided to throw up on my carpet today. Twice. Thanks, Carter.

Anyway, it did spark a blog post because I do have the world's greatest carpet cleaner ever. It is pricey, but only because you basically have to buy it in bulk, but it is a million times less expensive than getting your carpet professionally cleaned.

The cleaner is called Herby's Fame and my mom has been using it for years. They used to sell it at Albertson's, but the new Food Pyramid doesn't sell it. I kid you not when I tell you there is not a stain this puppy (no pun intended) cannot get up. My mom can testify -- she once spilled an entire gallon of paint on her carpet and there is nothing to show for it. In a good way.

After my incident today, I am pretty close to running out, so I bought a gallon of the Pet Stain Remover because, let's be honest, that is where most of my stains come from. It has no coverup smell either, so it is not like you are trying to mask anything. Love it!

Unfortunately, I am not being paid in free carpet cleaner for this endorsement. I just want your carpet to be as clean as mine :). You can buy it here.


  1. Hi, Katie,
    I definitely agree on the Herby's Fame. I have been using it ever since your mom gave me a container years ago, and I buy it in bulk just like you suggested. It is the best!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

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  3. Oh my word, I have a dog and sooooo need to get this!!!!!

  4. I am totally going to pick this up. I am still re-cleaning stains from when Jock and Charlie ate two pounds of Easter chocolate. Godiva eating jerks.

    Hope you guys are feeling better! Carter too!

  5. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I ordered a bottle of each cleaner. I just had my carpets professionaly cleaned a few weeks ago, and of course, my cats had to puke on the carpets this weekend while we were out of town. The stains soaked in, and my Stanley Steemer cleaner just isn't cutting it. Can't wait for my Herby's Fame to come in the mail!

  6. Thank you. Please add my email address to get your blog. Thank you. Susan steveac@bellsouth.net

  7. I need this too! The pet one for sure;-)

  8. I did end up getting some Herby's Fame after reading this, and it is fantastic!! The easiest, fastest-working, most successful carpet cleaner that I've ever tried. Thanks again!


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