One Step Closer

Since I apparently cannot decorate a room in a normal amount of time, I am just going to do it at my own pace. I guess I is my living room and all. In a year I will probably have a close to finished room.

A few months ago, we got this monstrosity of a sofa (I took this pic pre-ottoman). There was much stress as I initially decided it was way too big for the room and that I made the biggest mistake of my life. (I do have a flare for drama.) So I did what any girl in distress would do - called my mom and mother-in-law for moral support and made them come over immediately. After much "we promise we love it, it is beautiful" reinforcement, I decided to get over it. (I cannot be 100% sure they weren't just saying that to make me feel better because returning it wasn't really an option. Or maybe they just wanted more room to sit.)

Anyway, as you can see when you walk in the front door, all you can see is sofa-back. Ugh. And since the sofa is so dark, I decided I had to go with a light colored sofa-table. So here is what I ordered today:

I have had my eye on this table because I thought that the it would go with the whole tuscan-theme/glaze on my wall. Now, this is where I need positive reinforcement from you guys. What do you think? (And if you don't like it, I cannot bear. Returning this puppy will be a pain. ** Side note - I just had to look up whether that was bare or bear - for the record it is bear. Is that common knowledge?** )

In the reviews, someone posted this pic of the table in their entry way. At least I have options if it doesn't work behind the couch.

I should get the table in this week. I will keep you guys posted on how it looks...crossing fingers!


  1. Hi, Katie,
    I love the table, and it definitely adds to the Tuscan look. You need to trust your judgment because you have a great eye, and your whole house is looking great!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I like the table. The lines are really fun. It is a very versatile piece.

  3. Love, love, love, l-o-ooo-ooo-oo-ooo-ve the end table (said in my best google web sing-song voice)!!! Love the light color and curvy edges against the modern lines and dark color of the sofa. And, I LOVE the sofa! It is warm and inviting and says "babies and digs welcome"- perfect choice!

    What is this "tuscan paint finish" that you refer to? Is this something that you did? And, if so....teach me. My living room is sadder than a rejected Jacob.


  4. Wait-that should be "dogs"...not "digs"...although "digs" sound nice too....if their feet are clean and they promise not to chew up teeny, tiny custom figurines made in their liking.


  5. I think it will look great!

    And no- definitely NOT common knowledge on the whole bear/bare thing. Sheesh, I need to start reading the dictionary.

  6. Love it! I think it's going to look great!

  7. I love that sofa table! I can't wait to see how it looks.


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