Heating things up

In T minus 2.5 hours I will be watching the first Twilight movie with the only other person in America who hasn't watched it yet.
Do you think the Team Edward/Team Jacob Sweetarts are too much?
Full review later!


  1. Keep in mind the book is wayyy better than the movie. Team Edward baby.

  2. OK, so, yes, I know you have already seen the movie (I'm so glad you agree with my observation that everything is green. Luke thought I ate bad shrimp.), but...and this is a huge but.... I will let you in on this since you haven't seen the second movie yet. It is kinda like letting a pledge know the members aren't going to circle your fat and still show you a secret test file that will make your Speech Final look like fluffy bunny in a teeny, tiny puppy-lined box. Here goes...

    You can totally be Team Jacob AND Team Edward AT.THE.SAME.TIME. This will probably make more sense to you (and make you feel perverty at the same time) after you see the next movie (that is how they get you, you know)...but after the next movie, you will be more confused. And enlightened. It is rough.

    So , head off to Red Box and let me know how it goes. And how you now feel about cut-off jean shorts. Me likey.


    And anyone who DARE disagree with me should step forward now...so I can rightefully slay you.

  3. Wait, did I miss some cut-off jean shorts while I was wolfing down the kettle corn???

    The ONLY OTHER PERSON IN AMERICA??? Thanks Katie! ;)>

  4. Don't worry Aja I have yet to read the books or see the movies! I really want to see what all the craze is about but there's this little thing called time and it is not on my side at the moment :-(

  5. Well, the cut off jean shorts make their debut in this movie....but they will make you cry in New Moon. Let me just say, there is a reason Jacob's Barbie Doll isn't wearing a shirt....and there isn't a back-up one in the package.

    Seriously. Rent it. Now.


    Megan-of you don't have the time, don't even THINK about it. Because it ii a TIME SUCK. If you value anything in your life, slooowly step away from the jean-short clad hottie that makes you wish you were Taylor Swift for a day. Step back. And don't even think that the pail, heroin looking messy-haired rebel will HELP you do laundry. Not Gonna. Happen.


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