Catch a Wave

I am totally kicking myself for not taking pictures (however, I embarrass easily and this place was packed), but I tried a new yogurt place tonight called Peachwave with my sister.

The place was super modern in decor, like Freshberry and had tart yogurt (major bonus). However, they also had strawberry yogurt, tiramisu, cheesecake, raspberry, white chocolate, vanilla, and the list goes on. Even cooler, is that all the yogurt AND toppings are self-serve. (Don't you always go get yogurt and the teenager behind the counter is either soooo generous with the toppings or so stingy you wonder if the owner has a hidden camera?)

The price is $.36 per ounce. Just a note, though, the cups are HUGE. My sister got out of there with a $3.36 yogurt and toppings. I, however, came out with a 14 ounce frozen yogurt treat...with my grand total being $5.04. I think the heavy strawberries sent me over the edge...I should have stuck to cocoa crispies.

Only because I love you and know you won't judge, I will fully disclose what I got:

Yogurt: A mixture of Strawberry and Cheesecake yogurt
Toppings (this is where I ask you not to judge...and where you will see how I had a 14 ounce treat...that I totally finished):
1- Strawberries
2- Chocolate Chips
3- White Chocolate Chips
4- Cocoa Crispies
5- Sprinkles
6- M&Ms

Okay, so I guess it wasn't that bad. Next time, I will swallow my pride and take pics...if I don't die of embarrassment. : )


  1. Hi, Katie,
    Karen, Alex, and I tried a place like that in Dallas, and it was great. I came home raving about it.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I love that place! It is so fun. Ty and I need to make a trip out there soon.

  3. Katie - I've tried a place like that in is so easy to get carried away!!! And who knew that chocolate-covered fruit weighed so much??? (not that I'm saying I overindulged...ha ha ha) love,Jennifer

  4. I have never loved you more. Take it from me, someone who just bought $84 worth of scrapbook parer for Alex's birthday judgement, right?

    I will say the purchase included a Martha Stewart 'crab' shaped hole punch. (which was total CRAP, btw-what hole punch jams after 20 punches??) But they are so cute.

    And I decided I need to meet this "mama Mia' person...I like the cut of her jib!


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