I wish Caldrea was paying me with products for this post...but they aren't.

I might have mentioned how I have this thing for cleaning products. Very odd considering I hate cleaning. (Like, really hate cleaning. Not just a little bit.)

Even more strange, this week my friend Megan and I were discussing cleaning. (Who does that?) And she mentioned that her friend Alisha had bought her some cleaning supplies (I know, could this story get any stranger?) that smelled amazing. She went on and on about how fresh and clean they were and her whole house smelled amazing. So, like any cleaning product obsessed person, I HAD to have them. Target is now selling a line of budget friendly Caldrea products (you have probably smelled/used these from Williams Sonoma) that are freaking amazing.
When I say I am obesssed with these, it is not an understatement. First, I smelled the fragrances in the store and settled on Citron Ginger, a mix of grapefruit, ginger, basil and something else fabulous. (There are some others like Olive Oil, which smells amazingly clean and fresh and not weird at all, and really, I cannot remember the rest, but they were all great. For some reason, I cannot find these on Target's website.) I came home and I loved the smell so much, I sprayed every single countertop and sink in my house. And to keep the smell going, I shut the doors to the rooms that I could so that I could smell the fabulousness as soon as I walk in each. (Told you I was obsessed.)
I have also resprayed the countertops that were "dirty" today and all Caldrea products are 15% off this week at Target, so I had to go today and buy some for my sister.
Oh and I forgot to mention, I love the packaging, too. It is a little less "stuffy" than the Williams Sonoma packaging and very, well, clean.
So, long story short, I should be getting tons of free Caldrea products for this post, but I will spread the love because I want your house to smell as good as mine. XOXO!


  1. I so need these!! If my feet weren't ridiculously swollen right now I'd so go to Target and get this. But I suppose I could always ride around in a scooter...hmmm...decisions, decisions.

  2. Sounds like I need to visit good ol' Tar-get...

  3. AND I just saw you won the giveaway on Polkadots & Pirates...lucky!! You're good at winning giveaways. :)

  4. I LOVE mine! It is amazing. I have been spraying it on my counters at any spec of dirt. Thank you so much! Love you!!

  5. I will be going to Target to get some Caldrea . . . you have such an influence over my purchasing decisions!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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