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This weekend my mom and I went to Michael's and they were demonstrating the cricut cake. Way cool, if I weren't a cake decorating school drop out. (I think I am a better cake eater than I am maker.)

Anyway, they also had a whole new line of Duff Goldman "Ace of Cakes" baking goods. Some of them are for the more semi-professional/"I want to make awesome cakes for friends and family" decorators and then there are some for people like me, who want to whip up a Betty Crocker and throw some embellishments on it.

So for those of you like me, these cake tattoos are for you:

According to all you have to do is ice your favorite treat or dessert with buttercream, icing or fondant. Use Duff’s icing spatula to get the perfect smooth surface to apply your design to. If cutting for cookies or cupcakes, cut out template, lay on design strips and cut out with razor type knife or scissors. Carefully peel design away from backing and apply.

Also cool is cake grafitti, but I think this would require some artistic talent...probably not for me.

And, frankly, right up my alley is a baking mix!
Bon Appetit!


  1. Those cake tattoos look so neat! I will have to look for them in stores.

  2. Cake graffiti? I love it! Thanks for stopping by and entering for the H2 - nice to "meet" you!

  3. awesome! I will have to look for this!


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