I came across this site the other day and thought I would share the love. They have some really fun party supply items and some really clever stuff. And, you know how I feel about clever.

I had previously seen the inventor of this cup on the Donny Deutsch show (Donny -- if you are reading this, where are you???). I love this idea and it is so smart it makes you say---Why didn't I think of that? Ugh! I so want a clever inventive idea to come my way. Anyway, just your everyday plastic cups that you can etch your name in with your fingernail. No need for Sharpies. You have the tools you need already!

These cups, I just love. My aunt bought me some for my pool party on the day of the wedding that said "One last fling before the wedding bells ring."

The site also has cute napkins.
And, for those serious entertainers, I love these. They are perfect for hosting showers or cocktails (I act like I host these type of events). They are etched glass initial plates. Love them!

Hope you enjoy my finds. Maybe I will come across some other fabulous store tomorrow. : )


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