Louisiana's Cutest Mardi Gras King

My sweet Paw Paw (my dad's dad) was named Mardi Gras King of his assisted living facility. Does it get any cuter than this??? (I am sure that is just orange juice he has ; )

This is Paw Paw with the Mardi Gras Queen.
The king and queen with my Uncle David and Chris.
Aunt Angie (far right) is always sweet to keep us updated on how Paw Paw is doing. Paw Paw will turn 95 this year! I have so many great memories of spending time with Paw Paw growing up. My sister and I would go to his house sometimes after school and we would steal Coke from Uncle David, play with Paw Paw's old timey cash machine (he owned a little grocery store at one time), we would play dominos and war with him. Paw Paw also used to have oatmeal squares cereal and since Allison and I must have been denied sweets as children we have a weird cereal addiction. And, still to this day, I get oatmeal squares and think of Paw Paw. I am glad his senior living facility recognizes how special he is too.


  1. Katie, You are just too sweet. I wish Paw Paw could see your blog, but I will definitely tell him about it. Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Your Paw Paw is so cute! He makes a great Mardi Gras King :-)

  3. oh my goodness... I already had a deep love for your paw paw from all the sweet stories I have heard but after this post.. love him more! what a darling picture of him... LOVE him! so sweet!

  4. I absolutely LOVE it!!! He is too precious! You are very lucky to have such a sweet Paw Paw!

  5. Hi Katie! Thanks for putting Paw Paw on the blog! I hope we get to see you, Tommy, Allison, Kyle, & your mom at his b-day party in April. I know it's a long trip for you guys, but if you can make it maybe we can carve out some time for the adult "cuzins" to hang out and visit after the party (sans children!). Dwayne took the kiddos out to visit Paw Paw a couple of weeks ago and although he likes seeing them, I think they kind of wore him out! We can usually only stay about 20-30 minutes before Cooper exhausts him with the craziness & energy!!! Anyway, as always, love the blog & you! take care and hope to see you soon! love, jennifer


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