Puppy Party

Because I am in a party mood, I have been really trying to push a 1st birthday party on my sister-in-law for Max's upcoming 1st birthday.

1- Because she will totally let me plan it.

2- Because everyone 1 year old needs a party!

3- Could a puppy theme be ANY cuter for a baby whose first words were dada and dog?

Don't worry, Kristen is totally down. Well, I am not sure she wants to send invites (who do you invite to a 1st birthday party that you wouldn't just call?), but they are just soooo cute, I don't know how she couldn't!!!

Here is what I have found. Seriously. So. Cute. (Sidenote, check out this website. These invites are freaking adorable.)

Foodwise, I am thinking "puppy chow" and puppy cupcakes (click the link...they make these look so easy)! I mean, these are so cute too. It is like the perfect combo - something miniature, a cupcake and dogs. Heaven.

So, here is where I need your help! Any more ideas for the ultimate cuteness party?


  1. Hey Katie, I loved planning all 3 of kids 1st b-day parties! I'm sad I don't have any more :( Don't hold back, I planned it down to coordinating napkins, plates. It was probably just as big as my bridal shower or baby shower. We have a tons of kids in our family so we borrowed a kids table & chairs from my kids preschool. The kids loved having a table just there size. And we put a bunch of crafts, crayons, & some little nonsense toys from the dollar story on it before dinner. The kids were in heaven, they didn't whine once! I would love to give more tips just let me know if you need them. Bye, Rhiana

  2. Katie,
    First birthday parties are a must!! And, what a cute way to celebrate...with puppies. Your puppy cupcakes could be called "pupcakes"! And, instead of handing out little party favors you'd give out "doggie bags"! Oh, Katie, this could be so precious. Surely your sister-in-law let you throw Max a super birthday bash!! Good Luck!

  3. Love this post but I have to mention how cool your cafe press store is!!!!

    Love it! Can you put a at home coffee mug up? :-) If so ill take one.

  4. Ok...call me crazy, but you have to do invites for the b-day party! Even for a 1 year old! Mostly because they are adorable, but also because you HAVE to have one for the all-important baby book, right??? At least, that's the excuse I use! And the nice thing is, you don't need many so it usually isn't that cost-prohibitive to get those super-cute ones (well, unless you are a Shreveport "DeFatta" that is and you need at least 35 for the immediate family guest list, ha ha ha!!!!)! Do the party...even though Max won't remember, everyone else will and it will be a great time and provide awesome memories and pictures and keepsakes. love, Jennifer

  5. They have really cute party invitations announcements cards, but I found three websites that have lots of unique birthday party invitations, surprise invitations party and personalized surprise party invitations at:


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  6. What did you make the dogs eyes and ears with?

  7. Beautiful post! Have to arrange first birthday party for my boy at one of New York venues. Will use these cupcakes ideas. This is just fantastic and it will be loved by all kids at party but will only have his pet puppy’s face on birthday cake.


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