Speaking of puppies...

Thanks for all of the great puppy ideas. I will post some more cute ones that you guys emailed me tomorrow. My sister had some super cute ones!

For the past few weeks, I have been coming home to quite a mess from my little Carter. I think he is trying to send his mom a message:

According to Tommy, Carter hates It's in the Details and thinks that mom works too much. I think I have to agree.


  1. Oh katie.. too cute! I also love all the ideas for max's bday.. I love the puppy cupcakes.. and I had fresh berry for the first time ever Saturday and I am in LOVE:)
    I had strawberry yogurt with strawberries, graham crackers and oreo!ahhhh

  2. oh that Carter! He sure doesn't like it when his mom works so much... he and his brother have Really been acting out! They must miss their cousin Lilly.

  3. Carter, you can't be mad at him...he's too cute!


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