More Puppy Party Ideas...

My sister had some more really cute puppy party ideas!

1 - Little sandwiches or pizzas in the shape of dog bones cut with little bone cookie cutters. Wouldn't that be precious!?

2- Little dog bone straws!

3- Max would be "Top Dog" and could wear these darling little ears!

4- We could serve food out of brand new dog bowls of which I could later use for my pups. (My dog bowls are sad. They were so cute at one time...but shocker of all shockers my dogs chewed on them.)

5- Pudge will come dressed in his tux.


  1. Love all the ideas!!!
    Tell Max I want to go to his doggie party.
    ~ Iris

  2. I'm planning on doing a "Puppy Love" theme for my sister's bridal shower. Here's some more ideas I came up with:
    Serve Hot Dogs (obvious, I know)
    Do some kind of game involving someone being in the dog house
    Do the Left-Right game (read a story and every time you say Left or Right, everyone passes a gift in that direction) and make the prize something dog-related like a pet store gift card or a collar or more neutral, a gift card for a shoe store. Get it? Because some dogs chew shoes!
    Favors for kids could be a plush doggie.
    Use dog-bone shaped paper to label the foods (example, potato salad, mac salad, potato salad without onions...)
    Bone or hydrant shaped cookies.
    Wrap beverages with a little label that has paw prints on it.
    Homemade bone-shaped tortilla chips.
    "Doggie Bag" for favors. Could do a real dog treat bag or something like popcorn in a bag and just label it as a doggie bag.
    "Puppy Chow:" Chex Mix or something like it.
    Card box with paw prints on it.
    Allow people to bring their well-behaved dogs.
    If people can bring dogs, have a kiddie pool for them to play in. (Have lots of towels handy for when they leave. No one wants wet dog smell in their car)
    Pin the tail on the doggie.
    And my personal favorite... have an activity where people can have their dog's paw print set in concrete and used as a patio stone. (Awwww)

  3. ALSO!
    I'm using origami dog heads as the invites.
    And I might ask everyone to bring a dog toy to donate to the couple. (Because they have 2 dogs of their own plus they foster dogs so you can imagine they go through toys quite fast)


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